The Founder

Samer Toutoungy

In accrediting the accomplishments realized under the name of Eshmoon, I (Samer) attribute a lot of credit to the proper understanding that led me to realize a great deal of progress in bringing forth this beautiful and holistic concept. I have always been inspired by the holistic mindset which has led me to search into methods and practices that help me deepen my understanding of it. It has led me to become a yoga practitioner and then a teacher, it has also led me into meditative practices that help me search for wisdom on the inside. It has helped me be in harmony with my religious roots and to deepen my faith in the eternal symbols embedded therein. Through this holistic understanding, I have put my scientific skills in life science (chemistry biotechnology and cosmetology) to practical and real use by developing useful healthy and “green” products.  Also it has helped me face my biggest challenge (FEAR) and cultivated the resilience that makes one go through the eye of the storm and come out unharmed. Also it has earned me the ability to embrace and nourish the skills and talents that I am given and that I have acquired while accepting the shortcomings misfortunes and limitations that I endure. In committed practice I found myself facing the hardest challenges and overcoming great barriers. I only started realizing the gems that I have earned on my path when I was sought by a friend of mine who needed an advice and encouragement to start her own project which she loves and believes in. I found myself telling her the following:

My dear, what is an entrepreneur?  It stems from the French word “entreprendre” meaning to take things in your own hands in other words to assume responsibility and take action in accomplishing what you believe in.

What is the point of believing in something if you deem it unattainable?

You need to change your mindset.

And the first belief that you need to acquire is To let the Builder do the building and allow yourself to be the witness. In other words detach yourself from your ego and the limiting believes that result from this attachment and allow yourself to believe in the unattainable.

To be more practical.

Start by accepting unconditional help. There are people out there who really want to give unconditionally and are waiting for people to accept their offering with an open heart.



I am the accomplishment of all the people who loved me.

Be an extremist don’t play it safe; you need to risk it to win it. There are unseen forces out there who are ready to support, nourish and protect any flame that ignites in a human soul.

Remove all fearful language from your dictionary and introduce a new alien language: the language of love. At the end of the day you want to do something that you love to do.

Love and fear are two opposing drives. Most people are fear driven and they keep bouncing from one wall to the other in a closed space. However the people who have acquired the Love drive take off to the sky with no limits. Love needs faith and faith needs practice. Practice believing in one idea intensively and fight all doubts that come in your way.



In other words; ACT NOW.

Start making it happen. Don’t look up. Don’t sleep, don’t go shopping, don’t go out, don’t watch TV, and don’t listen to anyone that doesn’t speak your alien language. Go search for aliens and learn their language. Live underground. Eat less. Pray more. Sleep less. Work more.

After your Idea manages to endure the hardships of birth and comes out healthy, remember that any entity even an idea finds its worth in the collective minds. In other words you ought to be offering by principle, something that is of good use to your people. So you should adopt this mindset:  that I am in the service of the collective, so I derive my sense of worth from the encouragement and praise that I receive as well as from the criticism and judgment that I endure. So you have to be open to both. They are the yin and yang that keeps your idea in balanced growth. This constant realization keeps you and your creation grounded and saves you from the dangers of ego-centrism. Although society can be a tyrant and a murderer of new born ideas sometimes, however even if your idea will end up on the cross know that it is worth it, cause your idea is nothing but the vehicle that will make you attain higher horizon, the internal bridge that will make you overcome your fears.

Sometimes while chasing an idea we tend to miss out on what is of real worth; and that is the beholder of that idea. That is why you should realize as you move forward with your idea that the most important product is you. In other words this idea that is so beautiful and powerful will bring out the best version of you and makes you break the thick walls that you’ve build around your selfish sense of self.

Practically speaking; this idea will force you into areas which are outside your comfort zone and in the name of this idea and for the sake of it you will have to endure humiliation. And without you noticing you will realize that you are starting to gain the hardest and most precious gem of all: Humility