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In 2015, the Eshmoon concept store opened into an organic boutique in Baouchrieh. It is elegantly designed with wood and greenery to give you an earthy feel as you shop for your favorite healthy delicacies and beautifully packaged gift items.


Our Kitchen

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Established in 2013, Eshmoon started in a small attic donated by the parents of the founder using very modest machinery and a modest budget for experimentation. Eshmoon’s first product was a Natural vegetable oil cold processed nourishing soap.

The plan to continue to expand the range of products into a line of natural organic cosmetics was postponed, and healthy tasty organic chocolate started being produced in this small space.  The reason behind this change lies under the philosophy that food is the basis of everything, which suggests, “If you eat healthy, it means your mind is healthy.” The space slowly expanded and the range of items diversified into dried fruits, cereals, nut spreads and ready to mix hot drinks,etc. The machinery were upgraded to accommodate a wider range of products and a bigger volume of produce.

Eshmoon organics’ products are now being produced in a 150 m kitchen annexed to a 100 m store space in Baouchrieh area 5 km away from Beirut.

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Our Offices

IN MAY 2017, new office spaces and a meeting room emerged, endowed with the elements of the earth. Applying the holistic philosophy in its daily routines and business methods, the Eshmoon organization seeks to provide a healthy productive environment for its employees and business partners.

Distribution Channels

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  • Cafe Noel: Aley
    • Boutique Eshmoon: Baouchriyeh Jdeideh
    • Souk El Tayeb: Downtown
    • Souk El Tayeb: Gefinor
    • Beit El Soha: Ashrafieh / Hotel Dieu
    • Better Life Market: Ashrafieh
    • Go Fit: Bliss Street Ras Beirut
    • Healing hands: Saifi
    • Dermapro: Saifi
    • Rita’s Shop: Hamra/AUH
    • Versailles Pharmacy: Hamra
    • Marqet: Quoreitem
    • Shoppers: Raoucheh
    • 3amu el Dikkanji: Raoucheh & Chiah
    • Sophia Maternity: Raoucheh
    • Bioland: Ashrafieh/Sioufi
    • Tueny Clinics: Ashrafieh
    • Haven for Artist: Ashrafieh
    • Cafe de Penelope: Badaro
    • Monday Fitness: Verdun
    • Healthy Happy Us: Verdun
    • Pharmacy Verdun: Verdun
    • Malak Diet Clinic: Al Zarif, Sanayeh
    • Healthy Basket: Karakas

    • Herbs, Nuts and Spices – Chekka
    • Darma Ji – Batroun

    • Viva Health: Hadath
    • Hook: Ain el Remmeneh
    • Wheat & More: Ain el Remmeneh

    • Alia Melki
    • Body Balance: Amioun
    • Pharmacy Al Sanaa

    • Via Appia Boutique: Jbeil
    • Fit Chef: Jbeil highway
    • SoLight Clinic and Healthy Shop: Jbeil

    • Go Light: Kaslik
    • Healthy Steps: Adonis
    • Le Verger de Marie: Zouk Mikael
    • Maison Chal: Adma
    • Samia Khoury Diet Clinic: Jounieh
    • Trinimart: Jounieh

    • Live Organic: Naqqash/Ashrafieh
    • O&C Fresh market: Jal el Dib Highway
    • Urban Market: Jal el Dib
    • Green Life Clinic: Rabieh
    • Chi Tabieh: Jal el Deeb
    • Verdi : Beit Mery
    • En Vie Health Shop and Diet Center: Al Naqqash
    • Joanna Khalil: Mansourieh
    • Em Kamil: Baabdat

    • Al Baba Sweets: Saida
    • Froo-T Natural: Saida

  • Joz w Loz: Barouk
    • Nova Vida
    • Lite & easy
    • Mira Obeid Clinic
    • Diet District
    • Just Lite

  • Circle of Life