Let us tell you

Our Story

Eshmoon is a concept and a philosophy that advocates the need to come back to the roots and search for our healing, rejuvenation and balance from Nature’s sources through the harmony that exists in it.

Eshmoon Holistics is a brand of Natural Products that combines modern knowledge and traditional science in creating high-end natural products for our daily needs. Inspired in its creation from the philosophy behind Eshmoon, the brand seeks to be holistic by combining the elements (principles) of natural or minimal processed ingredients, recyclable packaging, responsible marketing and fair trade.

Eshmoon Organics is the sub-brand of Eshmoon Holistics that comprises of a variety of healthy alternative food items that are made from natural and organic ingredients. Adopting healthy principles of food combinations, the products are all gluten free, sugar free and dairy free.

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Our Principles

Environment Friendly
Responsibility towards the Health of Individuals
Fair Trade
Social Responsibility
Clean Ingredients
Sustainable Business Model
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Our Vision
Establishing a sustainable and responsible business model that caters healthy products and services to the new emerging conscious consumers.
Our Mission
We believe that we are offering more than a product but a philosophy and a conscious statement. Our mission is to see this philosophy reach out to the widest range of consumers whom we believe will be the ambassadors of this philosophy and will help propagate a new way of life that is rooted in conscious living through a responsible attitude.
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The Myth

Eshmoon is the name of the god of healing, a symbol in old Canaanite mythology of the healing powers of nature.

Eshmoon was a hunter from Beirut that used to search for adventure in the forbidden gardens of Ishtar in Sidon (near Awali River) where he hunted wild boars. The Goddess Ishtar being the principle Goddess at that time represented the elements of Beauty Fertility and Motherhood in nature. The Myth relate that Ishtar the goddess was impressed by Eshmoon’s virility and courage, and slowly grew to love this mortal figure despite his raw hunter spirit and his volition to conquer nature rather than subdue to its forces. In one of his hunting expeditions Eshmoon dies and Ishtar grieves over him. She then chooses to revive him from her own womb/flesh giving him divine powers and the knowledge of nature’s deepest secrets. He then becomes in the old mythology the principle god of the Kingdom of Sidon and the male figure that is always affiliated with Ishtar. In old mythology he is referred to as the healer god and always portrayed with a scepter and a snake coiled around it, and healing temples (hospitals) were built in his name all over the region of the eastern Mediterranean.

The Deeper Meaning in this story is that of the death of the old man who is full of pride and arrogance always seeking to conquer nature and the birth of the new man who is in total harmony with nature and living according to its laws. This new born man lives in modesty and respect towards nature and its laws and acquires the ability to restore the imbalance created by the ignorant man and possesses the power to heal through the natural elements.